Zoar Valley Shilohs
                                                                                   ISSR Registered Shiloh Shepherds


Welcome!  We are located in Western New York State, south of Buffalo.  Zephyr of Zion is a gray plush Registered ISSR Shiloh Shepherd who is standing at stud...A REAL SHILOH SHEPHERD!   He is ready to pass on the noble, intelligent, calm stability and strength that has become the epitome of the Shiloh Shepherd standard set by Tina Barber, breed founder.  Zephyr was born in her New Zion Kennel in 2008.
As our road ends, the Zoar Valley begins... an area of unique old growth forests, stunning canyons and breathtaking water...
these same adjectives can also be used to describe the Registered Shiloh Shepherd breed!  Come on...I'd like to introduce you to Zephyr!

ISSR Shiloh Shepherds
ISSR Shiloh Shepherds
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Linda Parlato, Collins, NY, ISSR Shiloh Shepherd licensed breeder in training. member SDDCA